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15 March 2020

Fatwa and Death Threat Against IranWire Journalist

Iranwire:  journalist, poet and IranWire colleague has been targeted by one of the most influential and hardliner Shia religious authorities in Iran. A poem by Mohammad Tangestani […]
14 March 2020

From Brautigan to Bukowski: Why are American Authors so Big in Iran?

Who is the most popular American writer in Iran? Ernest Hemingway? William Faulkner? Raymond Carver? Richard Brautigan? Or perhaps Shel Silverstein? I put this question to […]
14 March 2020

30 Years After Rushdie Fatwa: Iranian Exiled Writer Received Death Threats Following Fatwa By Ayatollah

Iran Human Rights (IHR); May 3, 2019: Iranian Shia cleric Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi has recently issued a fatwa (religious verdict) saying that an exiled Iranian […]
13 March 2020

Music Belongs to the People

Mohammad Tangestani Over the last year Iran’s hardliners have launched an assault on music, calling for bans on concerts and live performances. In recent months, the […]
3 March 2020

I’m a Rebel — But I Still Self-Censor

Mohammad Tangestani In this series on self-censorship, we asked writers, artists, journalists and human rights activists to define self-censorship. Where possible, they are invited to give […]